Mother Compost

Before Mother Compost officially began, Gwenn Nolan started out with a bucket on her counter and a pile in her backyard. As a mother of two, she couldn’t believe how much food was being wasted by her persnickety offspring. Once she became pregnant again and spent her sleepless nights looking at waste information online, she knew she wanted to be part of a solution. And thus, not too long after her third child, Mother Compost was born.

Our goal at Mother is to make it easy for a person or family to compost. The amount of trash we create is a growing issue. Taking organic materials out of your trash is a great place to start.

Food thrown in the garbage can, when surrounded by plastic and deprived of oxygen, releases methane gas, which is roughly 21 times more powerful at warming the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

Most people know you can throw an apple core out the window and it will be break down naturally. What you might not know is that putting that same apple core in the trash actually creates a problem.


What’s more, the average person will create roughly 1600 pounds of trash each year. That is close to a ton per individual in the U.S.


Together, making simple choices every day, we can change that number dramatically. Our average composter will reduce the amount they throw away by half. Small choices become big changes and can have big impacts on our homes, our communities and our world.


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Havertown, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Villanova, St. David’s, Wayne and Devon.

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