Getting Ready for Fall

Our yard waste guide for the Main Line is here!

While we at Mother Compost want to compost EVERYTHING, we simply cannot. Yard waste is compostable, and a great addition to the compost pile indeed, but our composting facility has already taken care of our need for “browns”. This helps our trucks focus on keeping your “green” materials out of the landfill. 

Luckily, there are government programs in place for yard waste in each of the townships we serve, so we broke out detailed information for your review. 

Just like with our Mother Compost service, there are a few rules across the board that each Township requires for yard waste pick up. 

  • Sticks must be in bundles 3-4 ft long
  • Leaves must be bagged in large paper bags except Haverford Twp. See below
  • Using a bin? 
    • Use a 50 gallon bin (typically a trash bin, sans trash)
    • Bin must be no heavier than 40 lbs
    • Do not overflow, keep your materials loose in the bin and don’t STUFF the bin to its capacity
  • NO contaminants
    • No plastic bags, trash, litter, etc.
    • No pet waste
    • No biodegradable or compostable bags
    • No plastic based twine 
    • No pressure treated wood
    • No wire, metal, etc
  • Grass clippings – contact your local DPW, most places do not accept
  • Holidays throughout the year will affect these schedules so plan accordingly

Continue on for more details regarding your townships specific offerings for yard waste collection.

Haverford Township 

  • Leaves are picked up only in the fall by vacuum truck from November 1st – December 24th
    • This means just leave your leaves out by the curb to be vacuumed up, no bagging needed!
    • Or just leave your leaves on the ground for the soil, bugs and microbes! (see our previous instagram post on leaving the leaves)
    • Brush pick up is on Mondays from the second half of February through the end of December
      • January thru the first half of February is Christmas Tree Season
      • Haverford Twp will only be picking up Christmas trees during this time 
  • Brush must be in a 50 gallon bin (usually a trash container, but NO TRASH)
    • Do not over stuff the bin
    • Branches no thicker than 1.5 inches
    • Branches and sticks cut down to 3 feet in length
  • Brush only – see the website for more details 

Radnor Township 

  • Wednesday Pick up
  • As far as we know, they will take everything – reach out for questions –  610-688-5600
  • Can be in large yard waste paper bags or in large bins
    • Do not over stuff, leave loose in the bin
  • All yard waste gets ground up into “stick mulch” and used for parks, and can be available for purchase

Lower Merion

  • Yard waste is picked up curbside on trash day
  • 4 ft bundles (biodegradable twine – hemp or jute)
  • Can use large yard waste paper bags
  • More questions? Reach out – 610-667-1952

Upper Merion Township

Easttown Township

  • All yard waste must be in biodegradable bags
  • Placed outside by 6am on pick up day
  • For more information reach out – 610-687-3000

Tredyffrin Township

Marple Township


Enjoy the fall!

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